2019 Summer SAT Intensives

The SSLI SAT Intensive Course is a course for maximal improvement of the score, which is taught by SSLI Dream Team Instructors graduated from the most prestigious universities in the World.

It is essential for the entrance exam to be taught to those who have entered famous universities, and the leadership of the lecturers and the program operators is important.

SSLI SAT course is designed to meet the demands for high honor society students.  The class is not intended to be just a regular SAT academy class but rather be a customized intensive class to achieve the highest score.  Each course has been uniquely and effectively designed to master key tactics and strategies to crack the SAT.

SSLI’s SAT intensive course provides an insightful knowledge of the content and the most effective strategies for SAT.  Copious time for group work, individual work, and timed practice is built into the course schedule.

Since 1998, Scott Shin, Director of SSLI has been helping more than 3,500 students enter prestigious universities and colleges.

SSLI Instructors must have degrees from top tier universities and they have all scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT. SSLI programs are organized and operated as one of the best global test prep programs in the world.

We are an educational institute that manages the entrance examinations of US universities and graduate schools, and all GPA, AP and IB courses in secondary schools. We select qualified instructors with rigorous instructor selection process.

Most SSLI instructors have a master’s degree or higher.

SSLI’s SAT courses provide a balance of guided instruction, collaborative discussion and group work, and application of the materials covered both inside and outside of class.  Students and the instructors work together to develop and apply new strategies as a team and equal recipients of learning rather than relying on orthodox lecture-heavy tutelage.

Each class includes:

  • Engaging lecture on unique strategies for the new content
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Realistic mock test-taking
  • Team-based competition
  • Essay-building workshops

Students receive the following evaluations and feedback:

  • 6 (3hour and 50min full-length) practice/diagnostic tests under realistic conditions (including individualized feedback after each exam)
  • Daily vocabulary quizzes in various forms (i.e., oral, written, team-based)
  • Daily assignment review, including in-depth discussion of challenging questions
  • Regular reinforcement and practice with previously learned strategies
  • Score analysis and performance reports to the students and parents
  • Individual final reports to help students plan their studying after
  • Supervised Study Hall from 19:00 to 22:00. (Not Mandatory but strongly recommended for TG1600)

Each course is carefully designed, taking into account all of the best instructional and practice contents available.  Each course balances interactive lectures, cooperative discussions, and realistic practice tests and actual tests.

In our class, we use only the best contents of the best lectures available in the world. 

SSLI instructors are attentive to each student and are based on trust and respect.

The class size is 8 to 15 students. If there are more than 10 students, an additional instructor will be assigned to and the class will always be kept at a rate of 10 to 1.

The classroom is always antimicrobial disinfected. Only students who have completed temperature checking and hand disinfection are allowed to enter.

You can concentrate on the class comfortably in the classroom equipped with the air duct system equipped with the US educational facility standard and the latest air-conditioning system adapted to the domestic environment.

SSLI students can efficiently learn in a classroom equipped with multimedia facilities.

SSLI students can take online lessons from around the world reliably in a high-quality internet environment.

Classes are kept in the same lecture quality with real-time CCTV and camcorder recording, and the class contents and lecture attitude of the learner are monitored.

SSLI program is not operated as an enterprise-type factory. It is monitored and maintained by all of the operation team including the director.

The Director has 25 years of lecture experience of SAT, SSAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and TOEFL and he has experienced the entrance exam process from American high school to graduate school, so he can understand our students’ position and perspective.

The director and every SSLI managing staff keep track of every student until he or she returns home and we make sure that our students achieve their target score.


From 2018 summer intensive courses, students who pay a normal tuition for more than 4 weeks of SSAT, ISEE and SAT intensive course will be invited to a 50% discount promotion at any time during winter and summer intensive courses. SSLI wants to assist in its loyal students reaching the target score less expensively.

Summer Intensive Course Schedule for Summer 2019:

1st Session:
June 17 – July 20 (6 times a week / 5 weeks in total) TG 1600 Advanced
June 17 – July 19 (five times a week / total of five weeks) TG 1400 regular class *July 22 – July 27 (6 times a week / 1 week in total) SAT Math

2nd Session:
July 1 – August 3 (6 times a week / 5 weeks in total) TG 1600 Advanced
July 1 – August 2 (five times a week / total of five weeks) TG 1400 Regular
*August 5 – August 10 (6 times a week / 1 week in total) SAT Math

3rd Session
July 29 – August 17 (6 times a week / week for 3 weeks) 3 week Completion Course TG1600 Advanced

A week SAT Math Intensive is optional.

Every week, there is a full test review including the math sections.

Class sizes are typically 8-15 students.  If necessary, we provide additional support with another instructor to ensure the ratio of student and teacher is never greater than 10 to 1.

SSLI does not waste 4 hours under the name of TA session (Self-Study Session).  SSLI’s Self-Study Session is from 18:50 to 21:50 and it is supervised by a qualified TA or instructor who can answer every possible SAT question which our students might have.

SAT Courses:

  1. Evidence-Based Reading
  2. Writing and Language
  3. Analytical Essay Writing
  4. Mathematics 

Lecture Hours:

09:00 – 11:00SAT Master Words, Textual Evidence Reading, Latin & Greek Roots and Affixes
11:10 – 13:10Assigned Tasks, Actual/Practice Tests, and Explanations, Mock Test Math Review
14:00 – 16:00Evidence-Based Reading
16:00 – 18:10Evidence-Based Writing and Language, Essay Writing

* Students who fail to pass the vocabulary test will have to stay and take a Re-Test at 19:00.

6:10pm -10:00pm Study Hall, SAT II, ​​AP, and IB courses (subject classes are subject to additional tuition)

  • In the Strategy Class, you will practice repeatedly studying, testing and applying SAT Master Words and Textual Evidence Reading. In addition, we conduct Mock Test and vocabulary test review.
  • Lecture orders are subject change.
  • SAT Essential Vocabulary, Evidence Based Reading in Original Text, SAT Core and Essential Grammar Lessons are taught by SSLI Director.
  • A supervised full test is conducted every week.
  • College admission strategy seminar every Saturday for TG1600 class.
  • Our SAT course is effective for both English-speaking students and Korean-speaking students.


Advanced SAT 5 weeks (6 lessons per week): KRW 5,810,400 (excluding Math)

  • It is 6 lessons per week, not 5 times a week. It is 30 days total for 5 weeks.
  • Please contact us for various promotions and discounts.

Regular SAT 5 weeks (5 times a week): 4,842,000 won (excluding Math) 

SAT Math I for 1week (6 times a week) Tuition: 1,162,080 won

SAT 3 weeks (6 lessons per week) 3,486,240 won (excluding Math)

  • The fee for SSLI is calculated on the basis of the related regulations (Korean Academy Establishment Operation and Extracurricular Education Act Article 15).
  • From 2018 summer intensive courses, students who pay a normal tuition for more than 4 weeks of SSAT, ISEE and SAT intensive course will be invited to a 50% discount promotion at any time during winter and summer intensive courses.

Students who wish to register for one-time intensive courses are kindly requested to contact the various early registration (early bird) promotions. and

Students who receive early any kinds of discounts are not eligible for the 50% discount promotion.

SAT Level:

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 600 or less – Targeting for 1400 (Regular Regular)

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 600 or more – Targeting for 1600 (Advanced)

Education fee / tuition deposit account:

Shinhan Bank:  110-376-856024
Account holder: SSLI
*SSLI is a cash receipt issuance agency.

There is an additional fee of 110,000 won for the cost of books, tests, printouts, etc.

Textbook fee deposit account:

Shinhan Bank:  110-495-845190
Account holder: SS Consulting
* SS Consulting is a cash receipt issuing agency.