SSLI College Prep and Consulting
BunDang Campus History

  • Date of Establishment & License Registration: October 10th, 2011
  • Establishment & License Issued by Gyeonggido, Seongnam Office of Education, Reg#4390
  • Business Category & Subject: Education, Practical Foreign Language  
  • Object: Education for Internationalization & Globalization  
  • Course: Practical Foreign Language, Test Prep, College Admission Prep.
  • Business Registration Code: 129-92-70141
  • Max Capacity all at once: 137 persons

Scott Shin, Director’s Profile

  • Northfield Mount Hermon School, USA
  • Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, USA
  • Harvard University, BS/BA in Economics Candidate, USA
  • Boston University, Bachelor of Science in Management Studies, USA
  • Boston University, Master of Science in Administrative Studies, USA
  • Harvard University IPESL, USA
  • Harvard University, Master of Liberal Arts in the field of Finance Candidate, USA
  • Korea University, School of Management Full Time Instructor (Business English, Multinational Finance) 
  • Institute for Business Research and Education in Korea University, Director of Research
  • The Princeton Review GMAT, SAT, SSAT, TOEFL Head Teacher, USA
  • Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, International Macroeconomics & Finance Dept, Senior Research Fellow
  • Korea First Microwave (KOSDAQ), Korea First Telecom, C&S Micro (KOSDAQ), Overseas Managing Director
  • LionBridge International (Nasdaq: LIOX)
  • Google Assessor/Consultant
  • Private Tutor Registration (Registered #2179 Seongnam Office of Education)
  • JTT English Instructor License (August 21, 1998 Reg#18T-039)
  • A member of Harvard Club (Boston)
  • A member of National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

Director’s Publications

  • Lessons from the International Monetary Fund’s “Bailout” of Korea and Mexico, IBRE, Korea University, (1997)
  • South Korea’s National Transparency Enhancement: Current Status and Outlook, Ministry of Finance and Economy project, (2000)
  • Outlook of International Financial Markets for year 2001, Global Economic Review, KIEP, (2000)
  • Case Study of Financial Intelligence Units and Policy Directions, KIEP, (2000)
  • Reasons of Weak Japanese Yen and Its Outlook, KDI (Korea Development Institute), (2001)

Scott Shin Reference List :

  • Yoon-Dae Euh
    (EX) KB Financial Group, Chairman
    (Ex) Korea University, President
    Tel: 02-2073-2840

  • Phil-Sang Lee
    Tel: 02-3290-1918

  • Kyung-Tae Lee
    (Ex) Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), President
    Tel: 02-3460-1100

  • Wook Chae
    (Ex) Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), President
    Tel: 02-3460-1100

  • Alvin S. Hochberg
    Broude & Hochberg, LLP
    Tel: 617-748-5100

  • Jeffrey Sachs
    (Ex) Harvard University,Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade
    Department of Economics
    Littauer M-14
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Tel: 617-495-4112

  • Kip Becker, Ph.D
    Department of Administrative Sciences
    Boston University
    (617) 353-3016