SSLI Regular Course Admission Guide

Thank you for your interest in the SSLI program and welcome.  Detailed information regarding SSLI admissions and programs is available after the entrance examination / placement test.

  • Admission Requirement do not apply to SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, TOEFL ARW Intensive Courses.

  • If you are not able to judge your class level or if you want detailed counseling, we will recommend the diagnostic test administered by SSLI.

  • If you submit your official SSAT or PSAT score, you will be exempted from the entrance exam and you will be given a placement instruction for the appropriate level.

New Student Procedure:

Step 1 Entrance Examination / Placement Test
Step 2 Admission Test Results
Step 3 Counseling (Appropriate class assignments, explanation and guidance on class-related tasks)

Entrance examination

Grade 3 - 5 SSAT Middle Writing 25 minutes, Reading 40 minutes, Verbal 30 minutes
Grade 6 - 7 SSAT Upper Writing 25 minutes, Reading 40 minutes, Verbal 30 minutes
Grade 8 - 10 PSAT Reading, Writing and Language (1 hour and 35 minutes, including math, 2 hours and 45 minutes)
  • The cost for the New Student Procedure is 29,000 won.

  • Entrance examination / Placement test is valid for 3 months. 

Group by Grade and Regular Classes

Elite Group: Domestic and foreign elementary schools including international and foreign schools Grades 3-6

Grades 3 - 4 Alpha (twice a week)
Grades 4 - 5 Beta (twice a week)
Grades 5 - 6 Gamma (twice a week)

Honor Group: Domestic and international secondary schools (including international and foreign schools) Grades 7-12

Grades 6 - 7 Delta (twice a week)
Grades 7-8 (1-2) Cum Laude (twice a week)
Grades 7-9 (2-3) Cum Laude - Magna (twice a week)
Grades 9-12 (Middle 3-High 3) Magna - Summa - Tertium Quid (once a week)

Level of Basis of Calculation